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100% Physician Performed

Dr. Shah is involved every step of the way. Many hair transplant clinics practice an assembly- line model, where physicians perform small parts of the procedure and leave the rest to technicians. This profit-driven model allows physicians to treat multiple patients simultaneously. At BKS Hair Restoration, Dr. Shah executes the entire surgical process from start to finish. He believes this is the only way to consistently deliver high quality results.

Long-term results

Dr. Shah focuses on long-term results. During FUE hair transplant, Dr. Shah uses the smallest possible punch and recipient site creating tools to minimize scarring and vascular injuries. It is important to perform deliberate, calculated surgical incisions to not only provide excellent short-term results but also preserve the dermal (skin) and vascular (blood vessels) integrity for future scalp health. This type of surgical technique can significantly prolong the operating time but is necessary to achieve long term natural results.

Strong relationships

Dr. Shah prides himself on building strong doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Shah manages his own scheduling and is always available to address questions or concerns with existing and prospective patients. Dr. Shah understands that the post operative period can be especially anxiety provoking, hence he stays in constant and direct contact with his patients.

Meet Dr. Bhumik Shah, MD

Dr. Shah was drawn to the field of hair restoration surgery when he realized the significant impact of successful hair restoration on alopecia patients. He was also attracted to the artistic and surgical nature of the field. With an ambitious desire to be recognized as one of the best in this field, Dr. Shah traveled extensively to learn from many prominent surgeons across the globe.

During his training, Dr. Shah was exposed to a multitude of surgical techniques and philosophies. He strives to provide the most refined and highest-quality results for his patients. To achieve this goal, he works tirelessly in the operating room and is one of the few hair restoration physicians in the USA who executes all parts of the surgical procedure himself.

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